DP 강종(2상 조직강 ):탁월한 연성 및 에너지 흡수

자동차용 DP 강종은 연성과 고장력, 냉간 성형성 및 매우 우수한 충돌 에너지 흡수력의 균형이 탁월합니다. DP 강종은 초기 단계 변형 경화(n 값)가 높기 때문에 변형 재분배로 인해 국부 변형에 대한 내성을 갖게 되어 매우 균일한 연신율을 제공합니다. DP 조직강의 낮은 항복 대 인장 강도 비율은 딥 드로잉 및 고신장 용량을 위한 전반적으로 우수한 성형성을 생성합니다 또한 용접성도 우수합니다.

    Dual phase steel basics

    The microstructures of dual phase steels are largely a ferritic matrix with martensitic “islands” as the hard second phase. The soft ferrite phase is virtually continuous, so automotive DP steels have excellent global ductility. When dual phase steels are deformed, the strain is concentrated in the lower-strength ferrite that surrounds the islands of martensite. This results in DP steels’ high initial work-hardening rate (n-value).

    Higher strength (e.g., 1000+ MPa TS) dual phase grades are most commonly achieved by increasing the amount of martensite and bainite. At a given high tensile strength, dual phase steels show a low yield ratio (Re/Rm) and a strong work hardening capacity. Dual phase steels are therefore especially suited for forming operations with high stretching portions.

    DP steel properties

    • Low yield-to-tensile strength ratio provides excellent ductility for superior cold forming with high ultimate tensile strengths.
    • High strain hardening and bake hardening further increase tensile strength.
    • Excellent deep drawing and high stretching properties.
    • Very good crash performance: high strain rate sensitivity means the faster a DP profile is crushed, the more energy it absorbs.
    • Custom yield strength levels can be engineered for specific applications.
    • High resistance to local constriction produces highly uniform elongation.
    • Good RSW weldability.
    • Uncoated or with corrosion protection using EG, GI, GA and ZA metal coatings.
    • Enables up to 20% lighter weight structural components compared to micro-alloyed steel grades.

    Automotive applications for dual phase steels

    Cold-rolled dual phase steels are widely specified for their lightweight and energy-absorbing performance in automotive structural and crash components, including car parts with complex geometries. Applications include:

    • Bumpers
    • Cross members
    • Engine cradles
    • Floor panels
    • Front sub-frame package trays
    • Longitudinal beams
    • Pillars and pillar reinforcements
    • Rails: front, rear and roof
    • Rear shock reinforcements
    • Seats
    • Shotguns
    • Side members
    • Sill (rocker) reinforcements
    • Tunnels and reinforcements

    Looking for even greater ductility for even more complex geometries? See our dual phase with high formability/ductility (DH) grades.

    BIW (Body in white)

    Grades and mechanical properties for Docol dual phase steel

    For Dual Phase (DP) steels there is a big difference in yield and tensile strength in un-deformed areas. The work hardening in forming is very strong. DP steels have good formability compared to its strength but are limited in hole expansion. With its lean composition these steels are easy to weld but sensitive to heat treatment (>200°C).

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      제품군 Product name 도금 치수 규격 데이터시트
      Docol 500DP Docol CR290Y490T DP UC, GI, GA*, ZA T: 0.50 - 3.00 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      VDA 239-100 -
      Docol CR230Y500T DL UC T: 0.50 - 2.10 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      SSAB -
      Docol CR290Y500T DP UC T: 0.50 - 2.10 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      SSAB -
      Docol 600DP Docol CR330Y590T DP UC, GI, GA, ZA T: 0.50 - 3.00 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      VDA 239-100 -
      Docol CR280Y600T DL UC T: 0.50 - 2.10 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      SSAB -
      Docol CR350Y600T DP UC T: 0.50 - 2.10 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      SSAB -
      Docol 800DP Docol CR440Y780T DP UC, GI, GA, ZA* T: 0.50 - 2.50 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      VDA 239-100 -
      Docol CR450Y780T DP UC T: 0.80 - 2.00 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      SSAB -
      Docol CR390Y800T DL UC T: 0.50 - 2.10 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      SSAB -
      Docol CR500Y800T DP UC T: 0.50 - 2.10 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      SSAB -
      Docol 800DPX GI, GA* T: 0.80 - 2.00 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      SSAB -
      Docol 1000DP Docol CR590Y980T DP UC, EG, GI, GA, ZA T: 0.50 - 2.10 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      VDA 239-100 -
      Docol CR700Y980T DP UC, EG, GI, GA*, ZA* T: 0.70 - 2.10 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      VDA 239-100 -
      Docol CR700Y980T DP LCE UC, EG, GI, GA*, ZA* T: 0.50 - 2.10 mm
      W: Up to 1511 mm
      SSAB -
      Docol CR700Y1000T DP UC, EG T: 0.50 - 2.00 mm
      W: Up to 1527 mm
      SSAB -
      Docol 1000DPX GI, GA* T: 1.00 - 2.00 mm
      W: Up to 1320 mm
      SSAB -
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        Forming Docol dual phase steels

        • Low YS-to-TS ratios means high ductility, providing excellent stampability, drawability and global formability — but with high tensile strengths.
        • Strain hardening and bake hardening can further increase tensile strength levels in the final part.
        • With less alloys than hot-rolled (HR) DP, Docol cold-rolled dual phase (CR DP) is more readily weldable, including resistance spot welding.

        Do you have forming questions about DP grades? Our Technical Support can provide specific DP steel stamping, drawing, and forming guidance for your automotive component, as well as recommending our dual phase with high formability/ductility as required.

        Docol 강종 성형

        Additional benefits from Docol DP steels

        • Four cold-rolled, steel “strength families”: Docol 500DP, Docol 600DP, Docol 800DP and Docol 1000DP.
        • 48 standard grades within the four Docol dual phase families, targeting specific YS/TS minimums and standards specifications — with another 11 DP grades available upon request.
        • EG, GI, GA and ZA corrosion protection available on many dual phase grades.

        OEM-specific dual phase steels

        Individual Docol DP steel grades can be tailored to OEM specifications or made to internationally accepted standards, such as VDA 239-100:2016, EN 10338:2015, EN 10346:2015, or SSAB’s own high standards. We encourage you to reach out early in your design process in case your crash or structural component requires specific dual phase steel properties or is a better candidate for our dual phase with high formability/ductility (DH) grades.

        The benefits of Docol® DP steel for each team member

        Safety engineers: With their low yield-to-tensile strength ratio, dual phase steel are excellent for energy-absorbing crash components.

        Lightweighting engineers: Up to 20% lighter than micro-alloyed steels, providing numerous “down-gauging” options for thickness reduction in structural auto parts.

        Production engineers: High ductility for excellent global formability, with uniform elongation for deep-drawn parts. Good RSW weldability.

        Buyers: Huge range of Docol dual phase steel options to meet your engineers’ specific application needs, plus DH options.

        Lower your embedded CO2

        Docol dual phase is "future-proofed".

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